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Hello! I am Gaelan D'costa

I'm 3X and I'm a third-culture once-kid (Goa, India->Saudi->Canada). He/It works.

I'm a site reliability engineer. I love coffee-making and can pour decent latte art. I am a kind of music nerd! I arguably like science fiction although I've barely had time to relax recently.

I go through depressive/self-esteem/ahedonia moods but I try to keep it pleasant. I like to low-key better the world.

I intend this account to be my brand/pro/straightforward one!

One of the most enjoyable & life affirming books I've read in a while woth great life advice on how to build large-scale applications with reliability and resiliency in mind

Michael Nygard - Release It! 2nd Edition

In fine libraries everywhere

No band that uses an exclaimation mark and crescent moon in their logo as glyph substitutions can altogether bad

Goal for 2018

Finish reading and listening to this three-year old article on the best post-metal out there

Boss was talking about getting a USENIX or LISA subscription possiubly through work and ... yeah I should poke him and make sure he does that

I hope to one day code for a session in a way that resembles jazz bebop; not without purpose, but perhaps without obvious aim or definitive bound, emergent but unconstrained structure, a modal developer Orobous groove.

Thinking about how I move forwards and backwards in my text editor by character rather than lines or paragraphs or jumping across code structures.

still have mountains of code craft to hone

I have trained myself to order Greek coffee rather than Turkish coffee from my local, thus preventing any potential diplomatic incidents.

Greek Delight is getting me stares though.

Realization: Tron was the first or an early instance of the “Trapped in an MMO” anime genre.

Desire: A sequel to Tron, but the protagonist is trapped in Emacs.

Shamefully watching Cowboy Bebop to completion for the first time; statically cinematographied space station scenes set to only boisterous jazz music are moments I will treasure forever.

Reading “Shell Scripting Recipes” by Chris F.A Johnson and now I want to go out and write all sorts of powerful tools using as much shell script syntax as possible :D

argle bargle gargle I hate writing any code that isn't lisp gargle bargle argle

I fuckin' hate writing webapps of any kind.

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An interesting article on designing secular rituals (for iconoclasts, while being informed by established spiritualities). It's an interesting idea that would benefit me and I should explore the possibilities.

Gonna stay home so I can work from the porch and/or watch my cats sleep in the sunny bits of the house.

nIDevjaj HoS'a' (May the great power guide you all)

Philosophy Bro, one of my fav sites, put together a website for suggested alternatives to any centralized social media you might not feel comfortable being on anymore.

(via @linen)

I feel a great joy in looking at my sleeping cat and confusing her sometimes for an incredibly giant fuzzy banana slug.

I should probably try to _learn something_ from the fact that whenever I have to write UIs for software I wrote I lose pleasure the more I complete.