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Huh. I found a password manager that's "unix-like" in the sense that

Passwords are just GPG-encrypted files laid out in a particular way. This means you can arguably use git to version and distribute your passwords file.

The amount of plugins suggest that modularity is paying off. I wonder what the browser and mobile experience is like. I wonder if there is yubikey support.

I like the idea of not needing a self-hosted DB, or something like dropbox.

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@gaelan I can vouch for it. Works pretty well for my daily usage.

@gaelan Since it’s just GPG, yes, it does support smart cards (which is what your Yubikey is to the system).

I can also recommend gopass, which adds a slew of other features like recipient management, multi-store support, search, auto-complete, TOTP (yes, you can use it as your MFA authenticator) and QR code output, amongst other things 😊

@gaelan I used that for a long time. Eventually switched back to KeePass because I found KeePassDX for Android and Pass's browser integration is nearly nonexistent and its windows (which I use for work) port is abandoned. Also, just personally, I don't even want the site/account names exposed.

@seanl Yeah I need to spend some time seeing what browser and mobile UX is like

@gaelan I tried pass some time (years?) ago and sadly I immediately hit a wall when trying to have multiple accounts on one site. Other than that it's fucking great.

I use it on the browser as well as on mobile. But I mainly use bitwarden and pass only for more sensitive passwords. The browser extensions are not completely straight forward, as they need native extensions(? Some file to allow these webextensions to run some local binaries). And of course the Android app uses OpenKeychain to decrypt the passwords, but is well integrated.

When it comes to stuff like Yubikey support. Well it uses your gpg-agent and git…

@sheogorath Currently using BitWarden self-hosted! Other than databases not being as comfy as git in the sense of backup, it's been working well!

Yeah really curious what the mobile/browser UX will be like. I found out about pass as an alternative to the rigged-up gpg scheme I use to securely plug credentials into offlineimap and presumably other CLI tools.

The mobile app for pass I use is this one:

It works pretty well but I also use Bitwarden as well ^^

@gaelan Passwordstore works very well with Yubikey Neo on
Android (NFC). Its satellite Pass, e.g., runs in
Termux where you can set up Mutt.

@mastor Termux ... tmux? a mobile kind of tmux? Interesting....

@gaelan Welcome to Termux!


Community forum:

IRC channel: #termux on freenode

Gitter chat:

Mailing list:

Search packages: pkg search <query>

Install a package: pkg install <package>

Upgrade packages: pkg upgrade

Learn more: pkg help


$ lynx --cookies=off --useragent='Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; FSL'

@gaelan Just pay attention to all kind of paths, the rest is

@gaelan i wrote this a few years ago about how to use pass, with gogs (GitOnGo) all hosted inside a docker container. It's probably a little out of date now, but it should still give you an idea about how you self-host this as a solution.

@finux Also, been thinking about moving my git stuff over to gittea for a little bit :D

I liked this solution because I got a git installation for free basically with it. And I had no idea at the time how much I'd love having my own gogs deployment. But all of this to say, pass pgp git is a wonderful password manager solution

@gaelan I can really recommend the rewrite of pass in go ( Most times it is much faster and has a lot of cool features :)

@miterion Thanks! second person to point out this rewrite, I should take a look!