Gaelan D'costa

One day I will understand how to use Emacs org / agenda mode properly

and that day I will become unstoppable.

It's warm outside.

Walked with a friend through the Toronto ravines, nonverbal cues indicating which branches to take, when to rest, when to keep on.

Looking forward to spring.

I think last week I briefly understood what flatMap meant in a cosmic sense; but I teach for that awareness today and it is gone :)

in the mood to listen to the beatles. remembering how I never centred on them as some crux of western music for reasons I don’t quite know (I liked prog more when I learned about western music?)

Thinking about Oum Kulthum; hoe many artists were bigger than the beatles before the beatles?

I have shirked off kubernetes for a long time because so little of it made sense to me; but as our team now actually understands docker it means we realize what docker ecosystems need, and it winds up that kubernetes is the socially accepted way to not build all that yourself?

glad I’m doing distributed systems work again, also :)

went to a google cloud conference yesterday in Kitchener/Waterloo; team bonded with our google liason team (for totally organic reasons I’m sure) and I have a reason to play around with Kubernetes now, thanks to some paid-by-google coursera workshop course they gave me.

Found a really good article on how to do simple async actions in redux via redux-thunk.

I'm really pleased at how much the redux authors seens to value documentation and non-forcefully-opinionated documentation.

Never got into Dinosaur Jr. whenever it was recommended to me because it sounded like a lot of aimless confusion.

Now I listen to them a hell of a lot

[Dinosaur Jr. - Kracked]

Trying to convert a React app into a Redux app for pedagogical purposes and feeling like an idiot whenever I try to clean how to make something work

so whenever I'm confused I put on some random Modern Lovers track and lumber around to the sound of Jonathan Richman while muttering to myself about Javascript like a troglodyte

[The Modern Lovers - Modern World]

I am really glad I did not listen to Deltron 3030 as a child because it is very good nerd rap, which inspired a whole slew of terrible nerd rap that assumed an overloading of references is enough

MC++ is possibly the only nerd-core rap I ever enjoyed both for music and content. Curious about Dr. Octagon

Irritated at X Windows, and perhaps window systems in general (i.e. wayland)

I should once again look into whether I can run emacs, some kind of reasonable image-rendering browser, multi-monitor support and Ctrl/CapsLock keyboard swapping in a pure console mode without resorting to dodgy things like modifying hardcoded files.

Irritated at having recently learned Javascript, because it has increased the number of projects I now have to mentally chide myself for being annoyed at, since I can in theory attempt to write bugfixes and enhancements myself now.

Twitter Goal: Replace current political strife about things outside my sphere of influence with sources of actionable items within my sphere of influence.

Half-way through my crash course on how to teach javascript/react/redux to promising web developers, the instructor allows herself room for a quick rant on why Promises are aggravating because they confound the semantics of map and flatMap (two terms not to be uttered during the actual teaching sessions :)

Small embers of delight at being a software developer enkindle.

What are good javascript/react/redux plugins for I wonder


Does web-mode matter?

Should I eye the possibility of needing/wanting yasnippet?

Went to the first in Toronto in a few months; paper was on Homomorphic Encryption as it relates to full-genome bioinformatics.

Understood about 40% of the material which was a high-water mark for me. Either mental calisthenics or need for eyeglasses made me drowsy.

very pleasant!

Going to spend five hours formally learning javascript and web development, in order to teach it at a junior level to promising female/NB devs!! Horray!!!

Huh. I found a password manager that's "unix-like" in the sense that

Passwords are just GPG-encrypted files laid out in a particular way. This means you can arguably use git to version and distribute your passwords file.

The amount of plugins suggest that modularity is paying off. I wonder what the browser and mobile experience is like. I wonder if there is yubikey support.

I like the idea of not needing a self-hosted DB, or something like dropbox.

But consider party rap, Gaelan. Is Andrew W.K. is doing to rock what was decades old in Rap?

Now there are cultural and demographic and genre factors; perhaps beyond my ability to comprehend!